Saturday, 19 January 2008

Where oh Where could it be

Hi everyone - Just thought that I would pop this up. Where is the RUG now??? Thinking that we have not heard anything about it in almost two months and with Christmas and the MAD season over it should be back on the road again.

Joy - when are we going to get the next one on the road - If you want me to start it I am happy too.

Regards Kylie


Austy's Mum said...

It's getting the list organised that takes the time and not everyone sent me their addresses so it's taking a while to gert everyone to do that. I have it underway though and hope to send it early Feb.

I have no idea where the rug is. I sent emails out to get it moving in November and was told she only just got it. I hope we can keep this going, orherwise all our efforts will have been for nothing. Please if you ghave the rug, post hedre and send it on. If you can't do it, send it on anyway as the next person will be able to knit. This sort of thing only works if everyone plays there part, and it's quite frustrating when people don't post their update here.

To keep track of the rug we need you to either email me to say you have received it, or post here. When you send it on, make a post with a picture. If you are stuck, over committed or whatever, don't just add the thing to your WIP pile and forgewt about it. Email me or post here and we will help you out.

Sometimes Unwilling Guru said...

Im waiting eagerly to do my share but at the rate its going it ll be winter by the time it get here!
Can we start the second one? The Boy one?
Oh and do you have address?

Sometimes Unwilling Guru said...

Oops I didnt do very well with the spelling sorry!!!,long day and a long story...