Monday, 30 April 2007

Halfway there - but need more knitters please

Hi all,

Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou to those already signed up to this exciting project. Unfortunately we still son't have nearly enough knitters to do both rugs but are halfway there to getting enough for one. If you know of anyone who might be interested, please send them a link to this site, or talk about it at your local knitting group to generate some interest. As you know I think it is a great project to get rid of some left over yarn that you might not have any other use for, and at the same time, make something wonderful and warm for a child in need, whilst getting support and encourageent from other knittes and getting to know them through the project.

Some people emailed and were worried about the postage costs. I realise that as the blanket gets further along it will get heavier and hence more costly to post, and unfortunately have no way around that as this is a national project. However I had planned to do it state by state so that all the knitters in one state knit first then it gets sent to the next state, goes to all the knitters there and so on. This was more to save on postage time as it still costs the same to send interstate or in your own state, however one of our knitters offered a great solution, and that is that instead of posting between knitters, some may choose to meet the next knitter in person and hand it over that way. That is perfectly fine, and encouraged as it will help build the community sense of the project. If you REALLY don't want to send the rug in the post, let me know and I will make sure that you are not the last knitter in your state.

Now, I have to apologise that I haven't listed all of you as fast as I would have liked, but please understand that with a full time job, a household, a 1yr old son and a Masters degree to juggle, it can be difficult for me to post names on a daily basis. However I do try to get to it at least once a week and check to see if there are any more willing volunteers. I have just updated the list tonight, so if you have applied to join but aren't in the list, please send me another email, as I may have missed it. Also, those of you that have blogs, I have linked them to your name where possible, but if I didn't catch your blog address on your email, I haven't linked it. If you would like me to add the link, please send me your blog detals.

One final thing to check is that you have received an invitation to join the blog. You need to accept the invitation to post in here, which will be required once we start knitting so we can follow the rug around Australia and also see it blossom in all it's growing glory! If you are unsure about how to post to the blog, feel free to ask me your questions, or email your photos/progress details of the rug to me and I can update the blog. You do NOT need a blog to join, and if you'd rather not post to the blog, you can still join as long as you promise to keep us updated when you get the rug via an email to me at that time.

There, I think that covers everything for now. I just hope we get enough interest to make this a reality!


Lynne said...

Perhaps, as part of our gift to the next knitters we can all include some postage stamps to help offset costs. If everyone put in ten stamps ($5.00) at the end there would be $100 worth of stamps!
Of course, there's no point in that! However, if everyone put in 10 stamps and then used only what was necessary to post the parcel, the cost would be evenly shared by all knitters and the remaining stamps would end up with you. Then you take out your original postage costs, use the stamps to post the finished blanket to the charity and give them any remaining stamps (charities are always pleased with donations to offset their postage costs!)
It helps everyone out and is a lot less fattening than chocolate! LOL I'm kidding, include the chocolate too if you can!
What does everyone think?

belle said...

I think this is a good idea, Lynne, I was going to sugegst something similar myself. I'd be happy to pop some stamps in.

Btw, I haven't signed up yet, about to send an email off.

Leonie said...

Sounds like a good idea to me too!

Sometimes Unwilling Guru said...

Hi everyone,just found this via Lynne and think it fantastic including the post stamp idea,Im in,so will email shortly!!!

Austy's Mum said...

lynne - fantastic idea on the postage! I have put it in as a voluntary thing though as a couple of our knitters are unable to put in for postage but would still like to be involved. So if everyone puts in what they can, then it will help out alot.