Wednesday, 1 August 2007

On the Move again!

Sorry that this is getting off late - I have dragged the chain with getting this done and the dreaded Morning Sickness has not helped at all!

So here it is, my 7cm. It was getting a little too purple! So I thought some pink was in order. It is a machine wash 4ply knitted double and I knitted a little butterfly pattern into it! So Cute!

I ended up adding a poem! Changed slightly from this one here!

My Blankie!

This has been my favourite blankie,
Since the day that it was received.
Even though it is loved & treasured now
With dirt and just a little torn.

Mumma tries to coax me,
To let her wash out the grime,
But I sneak it out from the laundry,
Just in the knick of time!

Saved from suds at least for now,
It has my smell and the feel I love,
its my bedtime security.

Someday I will be brave enough,
To pack me treasured blankie away,
And will be a picture in my memory
Of that blankie that is so special to me!


Lynne said...

Kylie - I like that poem; it's so appropriate. Your knitting looks great - I love the colour and the cute little butterflies. Well done.

Leonie said...

It's looking great-love the butterflies.

Sometimes Unwilling Guru said...

Its beautiful! Im wondering what I can do when it reaches here,pink seems to be the theme...its getting those creative thoughts flowing!
well done Kylie,lovely poem too!