Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Finally finished

Finally I have the rug in the mail. I have no idea when it was supposed to move on but it's on the way to Leah now. We had a major health crisis in the family just after the rug arrived here and my elderly dad was rushed to hospital where he stayed for over a week. I'm terribly sorry if I have put the project behind. Everyone else will have to knit twice as fast now, ha ha.

I did a triple bobble pattern to make a row of flowers, it's difficult to see it in the photo.
This is what I wrote in the book:
"Know that this blanket was knitted for you with love by women all over this country. Some are mothers, some are sisters, all are daughters.
When you snuggle with this rug, whether you are happy or sad, know that our love is there with you."

May I just say also that it is a wonderful thing to knit something that others have also worked on, you can feel the energy in the blanket and the kind thoughts that people were thinking as they were knitting. It is quite a powerful thing.


Lynne said...

Jenny - the rug is looking fantastic - great work on your part. The words you wrote are lovely.

Sorry to hear about your dad - I hope he gets better soon.

Leah said...

I hope your Dad is feeling better now.

Looking forward to seeing the rug in person - it's looking great!