Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Ready to start another?

Hi everyone! I am loving what I am seeing here and the exchange seems to be running very smoothly. I must sincerely apologise for my slowness at getting the boy's rug moving and am now giving myself a severe kick up the backside to get it started. However when I went to set up my spreadsheet with all your addresses to organise the order etc. I realised that many of you who are not already on the girls' list did not send me your address.

So, if you're still keen to join in on the second project, let me know asap and provide your postal address so I have no more excuses NOT to get it organised! I do have excuses... work, study, toddlerwho keeps getting sick... but this is an important project in my eyes and if I don't MAKE time for it I will never get it going. So come on knitters, send me an email as a kick up my bum to get going on this one!


Leonie said...

Not sure if you need me but I am happy to knit on the boys rug too. You should already have my details.

Kerry Stanek said...

me too!